Brickfest 2015: Minnesota’s Newest Music Festival

Saturday, July 11th is the inaugural date of Brickfest, a brand new, DIY music festival hosted in the small, central Minnesota town of Foley.

Presented by Brickhouse Cinema and Grinnenbarret Media, Brickfest is a 100% free, outdoor music festival to showcase some of the best underground artists that the Minnesota (featuring a small slice of Wisconsin) has to offer.

The festival, featuring 17 bands, starts at 11 AM.  Topping the bill for this years event is Insomniac, The Following, Zealot, Villain of the Story and Remo Drive.

This festival, organized almost entirely by Varrick Bruno, is a part of the “DIY Revival” that Minnesota has been experiencing.  With a plethora of all-ages venues closing in the Twin Cities area, house shows have been becoming more and more prevalent in the scene.

“It’s always been kind of a dream of mine to put on a big ridiculous local show,” Varrick said.  It looks like his big ridiculous show could not have come at a better time for Minnesota.

Covering the cost of this festival has had to come almost entirely out of Bruno’s pocket, however.  If you have a few bucks and would like to donate to the cause, follow this link.  All proceeds go directly to funding the show.

Come show some love for the Minnesota underground Saturday, July 11th at the Brickhouse Cinema.  Music starts at 11:00 AM.

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