Video Review: Goodbye Lucy Grey – New Shampoo

I had never listened to the Minnesota-based band Goodbye Lucy Grey before watching their new music video, but I can honestly say that their music is not what I had expected at all upon hearing their calming band name as well as the somewhat satisfying feeling that comes with the name of their song – “New Shampoo”. In … More Video Review: Goodbye Lucy Grey – New Shampoo

Single Review – Tied In Knots by Soul Low

I’ve been following the Milwaukee-based Soul Low since their first album Uneasy which was released just over three years ago. What made them so interesting at first was how different they sounded from anyone else. Soul Low stood alone in the middle of several different genres that make it hard for music writers to pin them down … More Single Review – Tied In Knots by Soul Low

Album Review: Apparitions – Commonweather

The emo/alt-rock group, Commonweather, released their latest EP Apparitions. Coming out almost a year to the day after their sophmore release Smoke & Decay, this new album is filled with a lot of old sounds. Right from the start this band sounds like it would fit in perfectly with the early 2000’s plethora of emo-rock bands like Alkaline … More Album Review: Apparitions – Commonweather

Album Review: Thieves – Keys & Corridors

Akron, Ohio’s alt-rock group Keys & Corridors recently released their latest EP Thieves. It’s not often that a solid rock album comes out anymore, so even though it’s only five songs in length it’s still refreshing to hear something like this. The overall sound of Thieves is pretty familiar, it would fit in well with a lot … More Album Review: Thieves – Keys & Corridors

Single Review: the present age – These Kinds of Things

These Kinds of Things is the latest single (which you can check out their Facebook here for information on how to buy the single, half of the proceeds are going to charity) and video to come from the boys in the present age. For those unfamiliar with them, they are a brother duo, Logan and … More Single Review: the present age – These Kinds of Things