Single Review: the present age – These Kinds of Things

These Kinds of Things is the latest single (which you can check out their Facebook here for information on how to buy the single, half of the 12241208_1731219483775279_6017429683944651503_nproceeds are going to charity) and video to come from the boys in the present age. For those unfamiliar with them, they are a brother duo, Logan and Isaac Lamers, making indie/new wave/alternative/damn good music out of Appleton, Wisconsin. With it only being two people, the band certainly is able to create some intricate and really well crafted sounds that are just as impressive live with Logan pulling triple duty with lead vocals, guitar, and the keys. Watching the present age perform live always reminds me what I love about music, people putting there passion and energy into having fun and creating music for everyone and that’s what this newest track is. These Kinds of Things12310069_1735037486726812_7858848624913631704_o
is an incredibly fun track full of youth and energy. It has the making of a top 10 radio hit if anybody in the music industry paid attention to
the Fox Valley. These Kinds of Things is a bit reminiscent of mix between Foster the People’s two albums, Torches and Supermodel, it has a lot of pop and synth to it but has lyrics that are incredibly relatable. If they keep making music like this, I don’t doubt they’ll eventually be one of the biggest bands around. They also recently dropped a video for the song which you can watch here.

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