Album Review: Thieves – Keys & Corridors

Photo via: Emilia Rauckis Photography

Akron, Ohio’s alt-rock group Keys & Corridors recently released their latest EP Thieves. It’s not often that a solid rock album comes out anymore, so even though it’s only five songs in length it’s still refreshing to hear something like this. The overall sound of Thieves is pretty familiar, it would fit in well with a lot of the early 2000’s music that populated Fuse (do you guys remember when Fuse was cool? That was awesome.) Keys & Corridors sound like a more rock version of Paramore or a slightly more punk-y version of Evanescence, with solid guitar work, a hard edged sound, and impressive vocals from Kaylene Widdoes. Each song is pretty similar in sound, a standard alt-rock track with some flashes of metalcore or slight drifts towards softer sounds, but that’s not a knock against it. For it being only an EP Thieves is still really impressive and more than likely only shows a fraction of what Keys & Corridors are able to do. If you think of an EP as a business card or resume of a band, showing you what’s important but not giving the

Photo via: Emilia Rauckis Photography
Photo via: Emilia Rauckis Photography

whole story, then they are a band that at the very least has earned themselves a second interview if that makes sense. The songs are all very well crafted and well written, the acoustic version of Transparent at the end is unexpected but it only furthers the belief that this EP is only a glimpse at what they are capable of. All in all, Thieves is highly recommended and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an eye out for what they have in store for the future, we certainly will. You can find Keys & Corridors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, take a listen to their EP on Soundcloud, and watch the music video for the EP’s title track Thieves.

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