“We’re Not in the Environment to Support Going on Any Further With This,” THE FOLLOWING Post Video Explaining Breakup


Last Saturday, Minneapolis metalcore band The Following announced that they will be disbanding, following their final show in March.  Late last night, a video was posted to the band’s Twitter page giving some insight as to why they are all calling it quits.

The video features guitarist Chris Hanson and bass/vocalist Shane Olson. They cited a number of factors which led to the decision, one of the biggest being their financial situation.

“For us to put out our EP we had to spend about two grand in recording plus travel costs and all that good stuff. Then we spent over three grand on our music video, more on management, and time to do everything. Spending upwards of that much money, six or seven grand for a release that didn’t pay off for the most part, was kind of disheartening. The people that we have for fans are the best we could ever imagine to have. It just didn’t catch on like we thought it would, and we are not in the environment to support going on any further with this financially.”

They also explain in the video what all the individual members are up to, including Chris Hanson’s recent engagement, and Drummer Jason Hirt’s work as a touring musician. They also included more information about their final show, including that they will be joined by former bassist Marc Hill and former vocalist Brad Davern. You can watch the full video down below.

Don’t forget to catch their final show on March 4th, at The Garage in Burnsville, MN.


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