Review: Gimme My Bike – Kickstand

Gimme My Bike is a Wisconsin Cow-punk band, as member Jeff Kranz put it, out of Oshkosh and cow-punk they are. Kickstand is their first studio album and it has a very unique sound to it that is, honestly, refreshing to hear. It’s a2156337702_16not quite full punk, but it’s a seeming mix of different genres like ska and pop all with punk twists. The first song off the album, Ray’s Song, is definite punk. It’s rough sounding, gritty, and dirty. You could easily find this song on a Dead Kennedy’s album. The next song, Atheists, takes a bit of a different turn though, going down a road more similar to Smashing Pumpkins if they replaced Billy Corgan with Billie Joe Armstrong. Each song is solid in it’s own right and really show the different influences on the band, the album itself goes back and forth between more aggressive and softer songs though which really creates a odd pacing. That said though, it’s still a really, really enjoyable album that grows on you the more you listen to it. The band has a cool pop-inspired punk sound, with rougher (but good) vocals, smooth rhythms and melodies, and you can hear the fun they must have had recording it. It really is genuine cow-punk; fun, enjoyable, and an album you can drink to. What’s more Wisconsin than that?


You can check out Gimme My Bike’s music at their website here.

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