After Hour Animals -Myself in My Head: Video Review

You may remember this band from their split EP with our former Artist of the Week, Audacity, well now they are getting their own review for their recent video. Myself in my Head debuted on BlankTV on YouTube a few weeks ago. The video takes on the standard format for a lot of band videos these day; shots of the band performing 11081273_397908797056094_1399906019147329116_ninterlaced with a story in alternating shots. What I love about this video is the mixture of AHA’s melodic sound with a Full-metal Alchemist story, anime and metal aren’t something you usually expect to come together. Right off the bat their video starts with the seminal quote explaining the theory of equivalent exchange in the hit anime series, it then continues on to show a woman going through the process of drawing a transmutation circle along with text of the ingredients to make a human being, most of which can be bought with a child’s allowance. Anime aside, the visuals from the side story and of the band are interesting and well done. The song itself is amazing as well showcasing AHA’s melodious and hardcore sound. Nik and Armon’s vocals are always on point and play off each other, which isn’t always the case when bands divvy up the vocal work. It’s a hardcore and intense song that deserves multiple listens, definitely a favorite of mine. You can check out After Hour Animals’ video for Myself in My Head here and also check out their Facebook while you’re at it.

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