Review: Teenagers – The Veggie House Demos

Officially listed as an unconventional melodic driven punk band, Wausau based Teenagers has dropped their Veggie House demos EP and boy is it something. Unconventional is definitely the most definitive word in to describe their sound as it’s not quite punk, it’s not quite metalcore, think of them like a more hardcore Neck Deep. The EP itself a2184842254_16really gives off that punk rock vibe though, it’s loud, fast, and aggressive. The Veggie House Demos is also a bit rough around the edges, not prim and polished like you would expect, but that gives it something special in my mind. It’s rare to have the album sound match the live sound, but if you close your eyes and listen to this EP you can almost begin to feel the mosh pit start behind you. Each song is full of the passion and energy that’s expected of the punk rock crowd; raspy and screaming vocals backed by melodic, but intense guitar work, and a steady drum line. The only downside of The Veggie House Demos is that there’s only three songs in the collection, just as you get worked up and ready to get rowdy it’s all over. I recommend just playing this album on repeat for awhile if you need to work out any aggression in the solace of your room. You can check out The Veggie House Demos here, and definitely give Teenagers a like on Facebook.

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