Artist Of The Week: Crunkasaurus Rex Interview

11357019_448825165293700_1383123152300242817_oIf any of you kind readers know me personally, you know this: I love me some easycore.  Some of my favorite bands are Chunk! No Captain Chunk, A Day To Remember (even though they’re only 17% core, according to the Revive Easycore Group) and Four Year Strong.  I stumbled across Indianapolis-based EZ-outfit Crunkasaurus Rex on one of my many conquests for new music, and was instantly a fan.  They’re reminiscent of C!NCC!, with catchy pop melodies, intense breakdowns, and some interesting musical stylings.  I mean their screamer (unclean vocalist? I dunno) plays the friggen trombone.  How cool is that?! 

I had the chance to talk to Sean and Sam, the clean and unclean vocalists of CRex, respectively.  Here’s what they had to say:

So how long has Crunkasaurus Rex been around in the Indianapolis Scene?
Sean Potter: Umm, almost two years.
Sam Oliver: Yeah I think it’s been over a year and a half.
Sean: In September it will be two years.

The world needs to know… Where did you get a name like Crunkasaurus Rex?
Sam: Back when I was in high school, me and my friends were trying to think of band names.  Necause it was our first band and we were really stoked on it, we had to pick the perfect band name.  And the first one was Tuba Gooch, which was a terrible band name, but it was funny.  And then the next one was Crunkasaurus Rex, which we liked, but then I looked it up and some Australian rapper used the name so we were like “Oh we don’t want to do it.” But then when we were making up this band we wanted to just be super posi and crazy, and Crunkasaurus Rex just fit.  So we decided to just say “fuck it” and use it.

Rad.  So you guys combine a lot of really poppy parts with some brutal, metalcore/hardcore breakdowns… Basically you’re the definition of easycore.  What influences your music and writing style?
Sean:  Oh wow… Well a big part of it comes from our backgrounds.  The first band I was in when I was like, sixteen years old, was just a straight street punk band.  We were big fans of… a lot of groups.  Then I started to get more into pop-punk… I’ve only known Sam for as long as we’ve been a band so, yeah.  Sam came from a very hardcore background.  He can tell you about that.
Sam: Yeah I played in a deathcore band called uh, Set Sail Armada.  so I came from a very heavy music background but I just looking to get out of it, because, well, the metal scene’s not dying, but I feel like more and more people are going away from it.
Sean: A lot of our music, at least I like to think, is inspired from the local scene here in Indianapolis, just because when we thought of the music we were going to play, we thought of a lot of the local bands around here and there was a big separation between pop punk groups and the hardcore metal scene, so we just thought that we would try to make the best of both worlds and before you know it, it’s a thing. There’s plenty of bands that do that.
Sam: Like, I didn’t even know easycore was a thing until someone randomly added me to the “Defend Easycore Group” (Facebook) and I was like, “what the fuck is this? Oh! Everyone’s into this kind of music.”
Sean: There’s like a million different bands like obviously New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, and we’re just like “holy crap, we do fit in!”
Sam: Yeah there are a bunch of local bands who sound like that too,.
Sean: Yeah It was really cool.

Who are other Indianapolis bands you feel people should check out and why?
Sean: There’s a lot of ’em.
Sam: Yeah there are a lot of really good bands from around here.  But I’d say the top two for me are Forever At Last, they’re doing really good, they’re like signed to Victory now, like Victory Records, and they’ve been on tour nonstop.  They’ve just been on the grind for like, six or seven years, something ridiculous like that, so they’re really awesome; kinda like Paramore.  And then another one, for me, is The Day After, which are a great group of guys.  They’re on hiatus right now, but they say they’re coming back.  They’re kind of the same story; they’ve been around for like five years.  They kinda play our style of music; we’ve been heavily influenced by them.  They’re vocalist actually did a violin feature on our upcoming record.
Sean: He’s very talented.  Some groups that I think everyone should check out as far as easycore goes, like Sam said, The Day After.  Just very positive vibes, really awesome guys.  Another group we play shows with quite a bit, My Sweet Fall.  They’re a local pop punk group.  They’re just fantastic, they’re great live.  I believe they’re in the midst of putting out new music so make sure to check them out on Facebook, YouTube… They have a full album.  There’s a lot of pretty good bands that are out here.
Sam: Also, shoutout to Juice.  They’re a local band who we were just on tour with on the “Crunk Juice Tour.”
Sean: Oh yeah! Our buddies in Juice.  They’re fantastic; great guys.

Where did the “Crunk Juice Tour” take you?
Sam: Uh we went to Chicago, Lansing (MI), Muncie (IN), and just north of Detroit for our last show.
Sean: Yeah, Hazel Park, MI. And before that we went to Owensboro (KY) and Evansville (IN).

Dream show: Who would you play with and where would it be? Go.
Sam: I’ve always heard such crazy shit about Reading and Leeds from the UK.  I think it would be awesome to play there with Enter Shikari, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, A Day To Remember… All the big names.  And The Day After.  I think The Day After would be cool to play with on a huge stage like that.
Sean: Yeah definitely.  Like if we were going for a dream show, for us right now, I’d have to pick the most popular bands just because you want the most exposure.  So I would definitely say A Day To Remember.  Even some of those other groups like Sleeping With Sirens.  Like I guess some of the bands I started listening to when I got into the “alternative scene” as far as that music goes.  A lot of those bands helped me understand the music we play today and are a big influence even if I don’t listen to them as much.  They were definitely important to help me grow as a musician.  And we’d have to play in California because it’s beautiful.

Do you guys have any ideas for how people can make the scene better? Around the Midwest or in Indiana?
Sam:  Support everyone.  We’re all in the same boat.  We’re all just trying to do music and do our thing, chase our dreams.  We should spend our time trying to help each other out instead of bickering about whose the best, and who got on what show.   Just be happy for each other, because it’s all a part of the community.  Like, anyone who gets out of here, it’s a win.
Sean: So true, because then they have a story to bring back. A thing about being in a local band that not many people know is that it takes a whole lot of effort, a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time so I don’t know why we wouldn’t all be supporting each other.  It’s all for the better cause for the local music scene.  So I would just tell everyone to seriously just go out and check out bands, even if you don’t know them.  It’s not that hard to go to a Facebook link and check out a band you don’t know.  Like seriously.
Sam:  If you take five to ten minutes out of your day just picking out local artists from random cities, you’ll find some great music.  There’s a lot of great music under the radar.

You guys have a new EP coming out soon called Sayonara. Is there anything you’d like to say about that?
Sam:  Sayonara will be out on August 13th, so next month.  Make sure to check it out.  We’re going to have our first single, “Jurassic Classic” released here soon.
Sean: It actually just premiered last night on Idobe radio.  We got a nice little spot on there and they announced it so that was cool.  We’re going to be releasing our lyric video here real soon.  So it would be really cool if you would check us out on YouTube, Spotify… We’re pretty much on every form of social media.11008627_431594277016789_1223384651805262756_o

Any final words you would like to add?
Sam: Well, thanks for doing the interview.  And thanks to anyone whose reading this.  The fact that you found this shows that you really care a whole lot, and that’s cool.
Sean: We’re just gong to keep doing what we do.  We’re just going to try and keep spreading positive vibes and strengthening the scene here in Indianapolis, so any support is definitely appreciated.
Sam: Support the #EZRevival2k15
Sean: Go follow the “Revive Easycore Group” on Facebook.  It’s growing, it’s pretty cool.  It’s another cool way for people to connect, I mean music is a pretty strong thing.  I’ve always felt that.  I’ve been making music a part of my life for almost a decade now.  Even if you don’t play music, it helps connect people together.  So talk about it.  Get on social media, follow a group.  I mean that’s all I can say.  You’d be surprised at the people you meet.

Insightful, wonderful stuff from these guys.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and get stoked on their new EP, Sayonara, coming August 13th.

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