The Retakes – Girl: EP Review

If punk really is dead, no one seems to have told The Retakes a three-piece coming out of the Minneapolis. Their music is loud, fast, upbeat, and most of all enjoyable. Like really enjoyable. The Retakes sound is like a mix of The Pixies and Jaws, hard-edged instrumentals and harmonies. It’s the kind of music you could imagine Kurt Cobain doing if he had ever gone on to do a side project. Their first EP, Girls, came out in early January last year and quickly became one of our favorite albums, it’s all things grunge, shoegaze, punk, melodic, whatever you want to call it, it’s 1187107_491155584336859_650267311_nfantastic. It’s always a good sign when the first song, Friend, starts with the distinct sound of drum sticks clacking together and moves right into the furious, but subdued music of The Retakes. Girl is only five songs long and not a single one breaches the 3 minute mark, making the only real complaint about it is that there isn’t enough to completely satisfy the listener. The last track on the EP, Apartment, is the most Cobain-esque with real rough vocals and repetition that reminds you of most of the staple Nirvana songs. Overall, Girl is a great first entry for The Retakes, it’s intentionally rough which is a nice break from the polished, highly-produced, music that comes out. Go back 20 years and you wouldn’t be surprised if Sub Pop was handing this out on cassettes. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

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