Artist Of The Week: In Light Of Us Interview

I had the opportunity to sit and talk with my friends in In Light of Us about all of their upcoming plans and things.  What ensued was quite a bit of debauchery and laughing at their vocalist, Garrett Thorson.  After sifting through all of the jokes, here is what Josh Tutewohl, Kevin Will, Kory Sericati and Garrett Thorson had to say.

So when, where and how did In Light Of Us become a thing?
Josh: I had a vision to start a group with Garret because we lived on the same floor freshman year (of college) and we liked all of that post-hardcore music stuff. So we had a vision to start a band.  We cycled through a few different projects before we found Kevin, who was also in one of my classes, and then we found Justin.  Once we all met up on campus we decided to just kinda see where it went and that’s how we ended up here today.

Because Metalcore is kind of dying, who influences you to write the kind of music that you write?
Kory: I totally agree with that, haha.  You mean the type of music that In Light Of Us plays?  I would say Of Mice & Men is a big one.  Also, it may seem like a kinda weird combination, but I would describe, at least my own personal inspiration for our future music, as a combination of PVRIS and Like Moths to Flames with a bit of Upon This Dawning. We’re definitely going to be throwing down hard with our new stuff live, but a considerable amount of effort is being put into the overall musicality of songs. It’s not just disjoint riff after riff; there’s a rhyme and reason for the placement of every note and I think the future is bringing a much more mature sound that flows much more smoothly than before.

So does that mean less screams?
Kory: I wouldn’t say we’re doing “less” screams, but we’re focusing more on melodic vocals. The screams will be there but, like I said, it’s going to be much more mature. We’re not just some kids screaming into a microphone because we want to be another band signed to Rise or Fearless. When you hear a scream in our upcoming music it’s carrying a very intentional emotion with it or supporting the melodic vocals that are layered over it. (Spoiler alert) With our possible addition of a second vocalist, we have a lot more room to work with in our composition. Everything you hear on the recordings is exactly what we plan to deliver in our live show.
Josh: Yeah, definitely more melodic than anything.
Kevin: But back to the inspiration question… Originally 2 bands that inspired me to this genre and to this band were Underoath and The Color Morale (in which our band name derived from one of their song titles). But current bands like PVRIS and Northlane are doing amazing things in the scene right now and are a huge inspiration as well.
Garrett: Lyrically…. Oh I don’t wanna say that.
Josh: Scared to answer, Garrett?
Garrett: No you guys are going to laugh.
(Everyone laughs)
Garrett: Is it just bands or…?

Whatever inspires you as a musician.
Garrett: You know what…. (long pause) Every answer for me is going to be cliche as FUCK for me.  I was going to say experiences.  Or my mom.  That’s what inspires me to write.
(Everyone laughs again)
Garrett: Oh wait! I have another one.  It’s more serious, well you guys might not take it serious.  Skillet.
Josh: Jesus Christ…
Garrett: I knew it! You wouldn’t take it seriously!  Jake write it down.  JAKE. Write it.

It’s down, Garrett, it’s down.
Josh: That’s who you take your influence from? Skillet?
Josh: Also, Bring Me The Horizon.  They’re a game changer.

So you guys put out a music video this spring for your song “All That I Feel.”  Want to explain that a little bit?

So what’s next for In Light Of Us?
Kevin: Should we end this kind of cheesy?  We’re “in the dark” right now and when the “light” shows we’ll be back and ready to do cool things.
(Everyone ignores Kevin)
Josh: We’re kind of on hiatus right now.  We’re just getting ready for the next chapter of In Light Of Us.

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