Chiasma – “Starboard”

Today we’re going to be taking a listen to the female-fronted band from Indianapolis, Chiasma.


The song features a few riffs that are reminiscent of earlier Atreyu, blended with the melodies of In This Moment. One of the things that struck me most about this song is how well the song is mixed, the vocal track is mixed perfectly with the rest of the tracks. Production value is huge (and can also be crippling, example: see the band Structures) for bands trying to make a living mixing atmosphere and heavy riffing. There’s a certain flow to “Starboard” that leaves you etching for the next bridge or chorus, fans of the new age of electronic synths mixed with mathy guitars will love this song.

This is the band’s first single they’ve released from their upcoming album “Human Element.” It appears Chiasma has a clear understanding of using polyrhythm, atmosphere and melody to tell their story. Incorporating bass is an absolute necessity for songs like this, the groove of the lead guitar coupled with deep drive of the bass and drums is used to help push the song along.

We’ll standby for now as we eagerly await to hear more from Chiasma. In the meantime, give them a shout on any of their various social media accounts to let them know what you think.

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