SORAKUJIRA Frontman Ben Drake Announces New Solo Album


Ben Drake, local producer and frontman of the Brainerd based easycore band Sorakujira, posted a teaser video today for his upcoming solo album Unlimited Breadsticks. This marks the producer’s first solo endeavor since 2013’s DON’T TELL ME HOW TO MUSIC! The new LP had been hinted at as early as 2014 when a new Ben Drake facebook page was set up, the only thing posted to it saying “Unlimited Breadsticks: Coming Sometime When I Feel Like Releasing It.”

Last October, more light had been shed on the new album when a single from Unlimited Breadsticks titled “Yeah, I’m Fine, Gary. Calm Down.” was posted onto Ben Drake’s Soundcloud. You can listen to the single down below. Other new songs had been posted there as well recently, though Ben has since stated that those will not be part of the official release.

Along with the new solo material, Ben Drake is also working on new music with his other projects. He’s the bassist for St. Cloud pop-punk band Insomniac, who are currently in the studio working on a full length album. He is also writing what is set to be the final Sorakujira release, which was due out last November, but has since been delayed.

Unlimited Breadsticks is set for release on April 10th. You can check out the album teaser below and get a taste for what this album has in store.

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