Check Out UNTURNED’s Brand New Single “Temper”


Yesterday, we reported on Minneapolis pop-punk band Unturned leaking album art for a brand new single on their Instagram. Today, the band follows up on their promise and released their brand new song “Temper.” The single dropped early this morning via Tilde Records and has already made a big splash in the local scene. Unturned shows they definitely know how to entertain pop-punk and emo fans alike. Combining incredibly catchy verses and choruses with complex instrumentation as well as well thought-out lyrics and themes. The addition of guitarists Will Leach and Isaac Luedtke has proven to be a fantastic move on the band’s part as the guitar work absolutely excels on this track.

Along with the release of the single, more information about the band’s upcoming sophomore EP was announced today via Specifically, that the EP will be titled Pituitary, and will be released as planned on August 12th via Tilde Records.

Click here to check out the new song on and let us know what you think!



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