Check Out the New Single From NEYMEYER & CO.


Neymeyer & Co. announced today that brand new EP titled Hope Grows Anywhere will be hitting the airwaves this coming fall. Along with the announcement of the EP, a lyric video was posted for the leading single, an indie rock inspired jam titled “You Told Me So.”

Neymeyer & Co. is the solo project of ChugChugWob guitarist Jason Neymeyer, and Hope Grows Anywhere will be the singer/songwriter’s first release since ChugChugWob officially disbanded earlier this year. In a statement to MMC, Neymeyer spoke about his inspiration behind the new material…

My first release was a small EP from last summer, called “There For You.” Those songs were acoustically driven, and I was still trying to find my way through everything sound-wise. With this EP, I knew they needed to be full band, and I’m super stoked on all of them. The “theme” or whatever you’d call it for this release is about going through struggles and finding your way out the other side. I got the idea for the title from an episode of The Office, oddly enough, when Michael & Dwight are fighting in a landfill, and then make up afterwards…

“Michael: Know what would be a great picture here? Just this whole dump, and in the middle, one flower. That’s it. And the caption would read…”

“Dwight: Hope – grows.”

“Michael: In the dump.”

Then it just came to me; “Hope Grows Anywhere.” All these songs are about really crummy times or circumstances, but also learning from them and moving on. The single, “You Told Me So,” is my way of wishing how I could’ve done things differently in the past. When that still, small voice inside was trying to guide me in the right direction, I ignored it. It’s me wishing I would’ve listened, and begging that the voice would come back and help me through my mistakes. And I know I’m not the only one to go through this crap. Insecurity, heartbreak, depression. My hope is that someone will hear these songs and know they’re not alone, and that you can always find some form of hope to cling to. For me, it’s my faith in Jesus and the Love He’s shown me. For others, it may be friends or family or whatever keeps them going. But all in all, I want to tell everyone that hope can blossom in even the worst circumstances.

Check out the video below for “You Told Me So” and be on the look out this fall for Hope Grows Anywhere.


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