Spawn of a New Me – Alexander Jay & CDS: Video Review

Two veterans of Oshkosh’s hip-hop scene, Alexander Jay and CDS, recently dropped their most recent video for their single Spawn of a New Me. It’s a ridiculously solid song as CDS’ vocals are something magic and Jay’s rapping is quintessential Alexander Jay. Spawn of a New Me features a good mix11696499_1148060828553160_6916608777745221061_o of the singing and rapping between the two over a softer beat, a bit different from the usual hyped up songs these two put out. The track is definitely more mature in it’s lyrics, feel, and sound. It isn’t a club song, but it’s a song you jam to on your own. Jay’s flow and rhythm are unique to him and him alone, definitely a different vibe than most artists but those differences are what set him apart from the others. It also just works so well with CDS’ vocals which are quiet and soft that make you listen even harder to make sure you catch it all. The video itself also definitely has that Alexander Jay stamp all over it. The video takes a cinematic approach as opposed to the typical “rapper directly addressing the camera while rapping” you usually see. The dark, muted colors serve to further that mature feeling of the song along with some quick fade-ins and dissolves. The song and video work well together, each serving to compliment the other, and presents another strong outing for Jay and CDS. You can check it out here and also check out Alexander Jay’s and CDS’ social media to keep up with them as they most likely have at minimum 30 other projects in the works.

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