Sponsorship Announcement

Taking a quick break from news about other people, we just wanted to let you know we recently started up a sponsorship with Offbeat Press. They are a locally owned print and design shop based out of Oshkosh, WI. We are really excited to be working with them as they create some killer designs and theOffbeatPressFullLogo_byHypeVisualy are also local! This comes about because at MMC we want to stress local acts and really help foster our scene by providing resources and opportunities for those acts and if we can help local businesses as well that have a similar goal that’s just an added bonus. They will be designing a new logo for us as well as being our contact and resource for merch as well once we get to that point. I can’t stress enough just how awesome these guys are and how big of a help they’ve been. Please go to their website, check out their designs, and contact them for any design or merch needs. Thank you again to Offbeat Press!

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