Review: Sayth – maybe god is afraid of us?

One of Eau Claire’s premier DIY rappers, Sayth has been steadily dropping singles ahead of his upcoming EP Body Pillow. Sayth packs complex issues and delves deep into some uncomfortable topics with his songs with complex11253923_994232833941735_8346137984297970199_n lyrics and a subdued delivery. This partnered with North House’s spacey beats is a hip-hop pairing that make Macklemore and Ryan Lewis almost irrelevant. Maybe God is Afraid of Us? featuring Baby Blanket is just the latest entry into the introspective and reflective world of Sayth. As has become typical of his songs, Maybe God is Afraid of Us? lyrics are densely packed and take a couple of listens before you can begin to understand what he’s trying to convey. With the man constantly doing shows and gigs, it’s hard to know how Sayth finds time to still craft these tracks like he does. If these singles are any indication on how Body Pillow will be, then put us down as excited. You can check out Sayth’s SoundCloud here.

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