Video Review: Audacity – Breaking Point

It’s hard to make a lyric video interesting. They are usually just flashes of the words with added emphasis and 10881623_922197074479254_6700161329227579438_n transitions. Add in some unusual font or interesting movement and you have yourself a lyric video. Very rarely do you ever actually see any people in one, but Audacity’s video for Breaking Point breaks the mold, see what I did there? OK, nevermind. Their video features the guys in Audacity next to a desolate brick building with a pristine
white wall that they proceed to ruin with graffiti. The lyrics to the song are spray painted across the wall, painted over, then the next line is sprayed on. It’s a simplistic concept and a pretty minimal video, but it is infinitely more interesting than the other 99% of lyric videos. The graffiti also matches more closely with Heath’s raw and impassioned voice, as opposed to a nice, clean font, the spray paint is more rough and less composed. It also works well with the feel of the video as well. You can check out the video here.

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