“What Better Way to Try and Learn a Style Than to Copy the Masters?” Producer BEN DRAKE Talks About Times He Ripped Off Other Artists

Local producer Ben Drake has been recording local music in the midwest for the better part of the last decade. His producing credits include Nanashi, Valor Tracks, See The Rise, Aurae, Dismantling The Silence, as well as his own projects Sorakujira, Insomniac, and his solo work.

When you’re in the producing business for that long, especially as a teenager, you’re no doubt going to rack up a few regrets, whether it’s bad mixes, working with questionable talent, or in Ben’s case, plagiarism. Earlier today on his blog Ben Drake Says Stuff, he posted a very entertaining piece titled “3 Times I Stole Musical Things (and Got Away With it.)” In it, he shares anecdotes of times he blatantly ripped off a more poplar artist for his own work, along with his reasoning for doing so.

This includes music from his earlier work, Sorakujira’s most recent album, and even a song that hasn’t been released yet. In the post Ben jokingly says…

“…who am I to argue with King Solomon? If it’s impossible to create anything new, then why try, right?

Now sit back my friends as I explain in detail why I am a talentless hack.”

Whether Ben’s intentions were to open up a serious discussion about production plagiarism, or to simply entertain readers is unknown. But it is definitely worth a read, click here to check it out! 

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