You Better Not Be Sleeping on the New UNTURNED single!


Minneapolis pop-punk sensation Unturned has been making a lot of waves in the scene since the recent announcement of their sophomore release Pituitary. Last week the band revealed the album art and release date of the EP as well as streamed a brand new song “Temper” which received praise from fans and critics alike.

Yesterday, Unturned made even more waves by dropping a music video for the leading single off Pituitary titled “Nomadic.” The video, directed by Faith Christensen, depicts a story of growing up, told through snapshots of birthday parties at various stages of life. In the 24 hours the video has been up, it has already broken over a thousand views and fans are more excited than ever for the release of the upcoming EP, which could potentially be one of the hottest releases of the year.

Pituitary drops August 12th via Tilde Records, preorders are already available now! Have you seen the new video? What are your thoughts on the new Unturned jams? Check out the video for yourself below and let us know!

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