Producer JOHNNY FRANCK Shares Five Tips for New Bands

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 4.28.33 PM.png

Midwest based music producer and Bilmuri vocalist Johnny Franck took to his YouTube channel yesterday to present the “5 Biggest Mistakes Beginning Bands Can Make.” In the video, Franck utulizes his experience as a producer and as a musician to explain the benefits of first impressions, music videos, and much more.

Including his own experience in bands like Attack Attack!, The March Ahead, and his newest musical endeavor Bilmuri, Franck has worked with many underground bands from around the midwest including We Are The Blog, Boys of Fall, The Following, Villain of the Story, and many more. He explains in the video…

“There is obviously exceptions to the rules, but I’ve seen a lot of bands fall into these problems, and they come to me like ‘dude, what do we do here?’ So I just wanted make this video to help you beginner bands out […] and maybe save yourself some time and some heartache–“

If you’re in band just starting out and think you could use the advice, check out the video below and show Johnny some love!

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