NARROW HEARTS Announces Break Up


After eight years, two albums, and multiple tours, Milwaukee based hardcore band Narrow Hearts announced today that they will be playing their final shows as a band this fall. The news broke on the band’s facebook page earlier this afternoon in a lengthy post from guitarist Jared Block. While the reasoning behind the band’s departure was not revealed, Jared explains that it wasn’t an easy decision to make and that after a collective eight years of the band’s existence, it was time to put the project to rest.

The band first formed all the way back in 2008 under the name Cain & Abel. In 2012, the band reemerged as Narrow Heart and quickly rose to the top of the Milwaukee hardcore scene where they have remained since. A farewell show is planned for the fall but no further details have been posted at this time.

It’s always hard seeing a local favorite call it quits. You can read the full statement from the band below. We’ll keep you updated when more info on their final show becomes available.

This band started eight years ago in the summer of 2008, as six immature kids under a different name – Cain & Abel.

In 2012, we decided to take the band a little more serious. A more serious band with a more serious mission statement of positivity called Narrow Hearts. We started making our way out of Wisconsin and all the familiar places we called home. Four years, two albums, eleven members, and several tours we are in 2016.

So believe me when I say how hard this is, but after 8 years with this one conglomerate project of Cain and Abel / Narrow is time to put this huge chunk of my life (and so many others) to rest.

I’ve had to stop several times over the past couple days and think of how I can possibly word this in a way that won’t get bad remarks. The truth is, that’s not my concern anymore. I don’t believe in giving up, I don’t believe in quitting. When it comes to this situation, I do believe that ending this project that affected so many people positively is just simply what has to be done.We accomplished more in with this band than I had ever imagined possible, and I couldn’t be happier with the things we’ve done.

Going forward, NH will be planning on ending things the right way. There will be a farewell show or two this fall, and a lot of memories /throwbacks as we try to figure out some kinks on our end.

There’s no possible way to thank everyone and tell you all how grateful we are to have been able to do this for so long, but over the next several weeks we will be posting memories, stories, and pictures on here that will try to paint a better picture of what Narrow Hearts was to us. If you’d like to share your memories too, feel free to tag us in anything, comment, post, whatever.

Thank you to the 11 guys who I was able to take this incredible journey with – there are no words I have that will say anything close to what i want.

Jake Noggle, Tyler Trokan, Josh Fox, Ike Weins, Jeff Jelenchick

Josh Falk, Marcus Czaplewski, Ian Howard

Dakota Testa, Cade Armstrong, Randy Edwards

We love you all.

Cain & Abel 2008-2011
Narrow Hearts 2012-2016

– Jared

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