INFINITE ME Robbed in Chicago


Late last night while on the Chicago stop of their August tour with Gleemer, Minneapolis emo band Infinite Me had their tour van broken into just outside of Subterranean where the show was being held.

Fortunately the band’s equipment and merchandise was safe inside the venue at the time of the break-in. However, the thieves did make off with four backpacks containing personal belongings, including a laptop belonging to Dayton Griggs of Tilde Records.

Griggs had joined the group on the month-long tour to help sell merchandise as well as distribute music. The Twin Cities based Tilde Records has worked with a number of popular Minnesota acts including Unturned, Focus Ring, Weathered, and more. Griggs had that laptop with to work on freelance design projects, as well as general business for the label.

In a post on the band’s facebook page, Infinite Me reassured fans that they were safe and continuing with the remaining run of shows. They also stated they were setting up a GoFundMe campaign to cover repair costs and above all else, replace Dayton Griggs’ laptop. You can check out the full statement from the band below as well as following the link to their GoFundMe page. Infinite Me‘s tour with Gleemer continues tonight at The Upper Room in Grand Rapids, MI. If you’re in the area we definitely recommend you stop by and show the bands some love.

Tonight in Chicago we had our van broken into while playing the gig at Subterranean. The thief smashed out our driver window and ganked all of our backpacks. Most of our personal belongings are gone, most importantly Dayton Griggs‘ laptop that he uses for freelance design and for Tilde Records

Everything we raise with this campaign will go to Dayton first, who is with us doing our merch and distro for Tilde.

Fortunately we’re all safe in our van and headed to Michigan for the gig in Grand Rapids tomorrow night.


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