State of the Collective Address

When does the president usually do these? I don’t know, people say they are important though. I couldn’t tell you I don’t pay attention. Anyways, this will be our version of that. First off, thank you guys so incredibly much for your support. We know our community, as in the people who actually know what MMC is, is kind of small, but the Midwest music scene as a whole is just so amazing and it’s the whole reason we started this project. Between Jake, Varrick, and I this is where our hearts truly lie whether it be performing here or writing about it. We love this scene so intensely and think it deserves a platform dedicated to it, but unfortunately we know we are falling a bit short of that right now. The bad thing about starting a passion is that often you have to fit it inbetween doing adult things like jobs and paying for things, there’s also relationships to take care of, and the list goes on. Life is hard sometimes is my point. What MMC right now is three guys trying their best to do this thing right and it’s exactly that desire that has led us to the decision to go quiet for a bit. We will still be here to cover anything major or post the occasional article. However, it will be low power mode like R2-D2 in Episode VIII we will come back when it serves the plot. Really though, all of us went through some big changes in 2016 and things fell off a bit. We don’t want to do that anymore, so now that we have the ability to meet up physically we think we can make this thing even better, at least we hope we can. So, while the three of us take some time to gather ourselves and our plans for the future we ask for patience. Please still give us suggestions for bands and music to cover, please still come to us if you want to write or know someone who does. We can still engage with you guys while we work through this.

Peace, love, pizzas.

-The MMC Crew

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